The 'Analytic Broker™ Briefing' focuses exclusively on Techniques and Strategies for Creating and Retaining Large Accounts.

Rob Ekern writes the 'Analytic Broker™ Briefing' to show top producers and leading insurance brokerage firms and agencies how to gain market share by using Metrics, Analytics, KPI's and Quantifiable Prospect/Client Outcomes on large accounts.

Covering topics such as Total Cost of Risk (TCOR), Analytic Brokerage™, Stewardship Reports and Value Propositions, the 'Analytic Broker™ Briefing' is read regularly by over 5,000 professionals around the world.

The Briefing is a free electronic publication and is distributed every few weeks.

The Archives of the Analytic Broker™ Briefing can be found here.
Note: The 'Analytic Broker™ Briefing' was formerly known as the 'Consultative Broker™ Briefing'.
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